October 3, 1970 - 50 Years of NOAA

3 October 1970-50 NOAA Years

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The NOAA was formally created on 3 October 1970, but its origins go back even further. On 3 October 1970 it was formed.

They may be tracked in the 18th century with a weather admirer who would become President of the United States (Thomas Jefferson).

Jefferson founded the United States in 1807.

Coast and Geodetic Survey (as the Coast Survey) to provide the maritime world with nautical maps for secure access to US ports and along our large coastline.

The initial weather office was established in 1870, preceded by the merger of groups to create NOAA 100 years later.

The thought was simple: the ocean and the world are inseparably bound and we rely on it – not just because our lives are fine, but because of our lives.

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The NOAA was formally founded on Oct. 3, 1970. On Oct. 3, 1970.

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NOAA has been a world-class research organization, studying and tracking everything-from the darkest waters to the surface of our sun-in 50 years from its fusion of scientific offices.

Chris Mei explores the past of NOAA today, its beginnings and how it came about, its relation to the third US ruler, and the meaning of the modern-day prediction organisation.

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