Trump Takes These Supplements to Stop COVID

With the diagnosis of Donald Trump 's passing, Americans are asking what they are taking to handle the possibly lethal illness.

According to the declaration of his psychiatrist, Dr. Sean P. Conley, "The president is exhausted, but in good mood as of tonight," with symptoms identified as "tiny."

Read on to see what drugs and vitamins Conley administers and don't skip these positive indications you still have coronavirus to cope with this pandemic.


Vitamin D is used by trump

Woman who keeps a vitamin supplement with a bottle of water fish oil

"A recent analysis by the University of Chicago in early September revealed the likelihood of more seriously contaminated people with lack of vitamin D with the novel coronavirus," notes Deseret News.

"Those lacking vitamin D medication have seen an improvement of 77 percent in the risk of testing for novel coronaviruses positively." Dr. Anthony Fauci, leading authority on infectious disease in the world, said: "If you are vitamin D deficient, it has an effect on your vulnerability for infection.

I am a physician and this vitamin can decrease your risk of COVID.


Trump's Zinc Taking

The additional white zinc capsule with new wood block oyster

"The first symptom of common cold is the supplement of millions of Americans of pop zinc. Recent investigations also indicate the nutrients may be part of COVID-19 result, too," WebMD notes.

"Spain's researchers recorded that hospitalized COVID-19 patients with low Zinc blood levels appeared to be lower than those with a higher health status at a European coronavirus meeting"


Melatonin Takes Trump

Silent Melatonin

A Texas doctor confirms that he has been taking 400 COVID-19 hormin patients and few patients are having too serious cases to need hospitization, "notes Discover Magazine." The broad spectrum of alternative COVCID 19 therapies proposed by researchers has a further addition: melatonin.

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Trump takes an antidepressant a day

Compress pills with infant aspirin.


Take famotidine, also known as pepcid

Pepcid AC package for antiacid countermedicinal goods Package

The medication is used to control and avoid the production of stomach and bowel ulcers. It frequently prevents cases under which the stomach contains so much acid, "reports Trump is used to manage famotin and also known as pepcid" a histamin-2 blocker that acts by lowering the volume of acid in the stomach.

Signs of a fresh COVID Surge: Dr. Fauci sees


Trump takes a drink from the lab


"The White House claimed the White House had loaded Trump with a White House physicist's experimental antibody mixture," notes AP.

"Trump obtained a dose of an advanced Regeneron anticorps mixture in clinical trials," the doctor said in a memo late Friday.


Avoiding COIVID-19

Woman placed on her face a cloth crafted by hand

Do whatever you can to resist catching — and transmitting — COVID-19: using a face mask, checking for coronavirus, avoiding parties (including bars including party homes), social dissociation, simply running necessary orders, washing your hands daily, desinfecting surfaces often handled, and preventing the 35 pandemics, you're more likely to get.