Federal judge allows California to finally enforce net neutrality. Other states may follow suit.

A few months after the administration of Trump repealed Obama's robust 2018 net neutrality regulations, California enacted its own open-internet regulation.

California's Net Neutrality Act was immediately delayed by the Department of Justice, before President Biden's administration dropped the case last month.

The last legal hurdle, four wireless industry associations, was dismissed on Tuesday by a federal judge in California who opened the doors for implementation of the first mandate of the country that Internet service providers handle network traffic similarly.

The four advocacy organizations – the American Communications Association, the National Cable and Telecommunications Association, and USTelecom – said on Tuesday that they will "will review the court's opinion before deciding on next steps," indicated they could appeal.

Judge John Mendez's decision of the District Court.

The telecommunications industry has aggressively lobbied for decades for open Internet regulators, but industry groups said on Tuesday that "state-by-state approach," in light of an ashamed "Congress should codify rules for an open internet."

Other States have been monitoring the case of California for years "hoping a legal resolution in the state's favor might open the door for them to try to craft their own open-Internet rules without facing a similar legal threat," Washington Post reports. The Washington Post reports.

Congressional legislation is technically possible, but Biden's FCC is more likely to move when the Senate confirms his nomination and breaks the 2-2 gridlock.

Net neutrality regulations such as that in California forbids suppliers of internet networks from slowering traffic to those sites or offering exclusive fast connections to sites that pay extra for enhancing services.

Broadband providers and other critics contend that these regulations would stifle competition and curb higher Internet speed investments.

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