Highland ospreys have names migrated to Mars

Four ospreys in the highlands have moved from Nasa to Mars.

At Woodland Trust Scotland's Loch Arkaig Pine Forest near Fort William in 2019, Louis and Aila raised their chicks Mallie and Rannoch when the space agency opened plans for their Perseverance Rover mission.

Linda Keene, of Cumbernauld, of North Lanarkshire, who gave Nasa the four names and obtained a flight boarding pass.

"Last year the ospreys in Loch Arkaig became famous as a lockdown hit, with people stuck in their homes desperately connected to nature," said George Anderson of Woodland Trust Scotland.

"We never imagined that their fame would reach as far as another world.

"We are deeply touched by the way Linda celebrated the birds."

The mission erupted in the summer of 2020, and the Perseverance Rover hit Mars during the last few days with the osprey names for others on special chips.

Nasa published photographs, audio and video on the Martian surface of the rover.

A panoramic view of the earth from the landing site reveals the rugged red mountain surface and the remote delta.

The rover's microphone caught a glimpse of wind on the red planet, and the sounds of the first Mars sound recordings were Perseverance itself.

In 2017, Lachlan and Aila raised their first chick.

In 2018 the nest collapsed when a pine marten threatened the chicks, but in the next year Mallie and Rannoch.

In 2020, they raised Doddie, Vera and Captain for an online following of about 400,000.