You can now book a Lyft ride without using the app - just like a taxi

Lyft. Lyft.

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Lyft drives in select cities in Florida will now be hailed like a cab over the internet.

Customers can dial 631-201-LYFT for booking a journey with a Lyft agent, instead of using the app.

The latest choice is "perfect" for older people or people who cannot use the software.

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By making users in chosen Florida towns call for a cab instead of using the Lyft app, Lyft takes a leaf out of the taxi playbook.

The new feature enables travelers to book on-demand trips by calling a Lyft representative between 8 a.m. and Monday to Friday at 631-201-LYFT.

At 8 p.m.

Processes required to get a Lyft car using the app can be done via the phone.

This involves paying with a credit or debit card and verbal acceptance of health guidelines introduced during COVID-19.

Instead of monitoring the journey through this app, Lyft can then write to its Call A Lyft Trip passengers a tracking connection that can be exchanged with others.

This latest hailing option, according to Lyft, is "perfect" for older people who cannot use the app in Florida cities such as Boca Raton, Orlando, Miami or Fort Myers.

A complete list of qualifying cities can be found on the Lyft website.

This is not Lyft's only ride-off option: passengers can also ask for a ride thru

Like Call A Lyft Trip, site users who have booked a car can get updates on the journey.

Uber, the biggest rival at Lyft, has also previously explored reservations off the platform.

In 2019, it launched kiosks at Pearson International Airport in Toronto that allow passengers to call an Uber car without using their smartphone.

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